Food Safety General Links 

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Food Safety Inspection Service Extensive information - pathogens, standards, rules - excellent!

U.C. Davis -- HACCP Pages Comprehensive source of HACCP and safety information for the seafood industry

Fishmart FDA guidelines for seafood HACCP programs

University of Florida Prime site for HACCP and food safety issues -- National Food Safety Database

FDA Information Line Straight from the U.S. Government

Rutgers University Food Science & Food Safety Short Course Training

FightBacsponsored by the Partnership for Food Safety Education.

Food Safety & Inspection Service - Thermy: educational resources about thermometer use; primarily consumer-oriented.

Food Safety Educator: a newsletter available online, from the USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service

USDA/FDA Foodborne Illness Education Information Center: includes the Foodborne illness Educational Materials database, the HACCP Training Programs and Resources database, on-line publications, a food safety index, and more.

FDA Food Code

FDA Food Code: provides the basis for many state and local food regulations; download it in pdfor Word formats, or view it on the Web.

Food Code Adoption: a reference table from the FDA identifying state-by-state adoption of the Food Code

Food Safety - General

FoodSafe Archives: searchable archives of an electronic discussion group sponsored by the USDA; a wealth of food safety detail, fact, and opinion

Iowa State University Extension Food Safety Project: provides food safety lessons, reference to common pathogens, news, legislative information, and more.

Food Storage

Food Keeper: This searchable resource from the Food Marketing Institute offers details about storage times and conditions for storing foods. 

Foodborne Illness

Centers for Disease Control (CDC): Foodborneillness facts and figures  

FDA Bad Bug Book: a complete reference to foodborne pathogens


Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

FDA - Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition

Joint Institute for Food Safety Research (JIFSAN): established between the FDA and the University of Maryland to research food safety.

State Health Departments: gateway to the websites of many state health departments

USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service (FSIS)


FDA HACCP Backgrounder: the basics

FDA HACCP Guidelines: an informative annex to the Food Code

FDA/CFSAN HACCP Principles Guide: This version from the FDA is an excellent step-by-step guide for retail foodservice operators.


Institute of Food Technologists: scientific society representing food scientists and technologists. Offers newsletters, seminars, and other resources related to food safety.

International Food Safety Council: restaurant and foodservice industry coalition committed to education about safe food preparation and handling.

International HACCP Alliance: based at Texas A&M University; focuses on safety of meat and poultry

Manufacturers' Agents for the Food Service Industry (MAFSI): association for independent manufacturers' representative agencies and the manufacturers they represent in the foodservice equipment, supplies and furniture industry.

National Environmental Health Association: national professional society of environmental health practitioners (Registered Environmental Health Specialists/ Registered Sanitarians)

National Restaurant Association: the leading business association for the restaurant industry.


National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST):  agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce's Technology Administration; works with industry to develop and apply technology, measurements, and standards

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF):  non-profit organization that evaluates and certifies products for safety. The NSF Mark is placed on millions of consumer, commercial and industrial products annually and is trusted by users, regulators and manufacturers alike.